Matthew Channon Shared Revolutionary Popularity of iOS 7

Recently Apple posted a guide explaining the unexpected success of the current version of iOS. Baseding on the guide just within 3 months of its debut, regarding 74 percent of the tools offered by business are having iOS 7 as the operating system. And also around 22 percent of the Apple individuals are using iOS 6 on their gadgets which suggest there are just 4 percent of individuals that are using more than one years of age model of the operating system.

It’s an excellent achievement when compared to Android which manages to bring simply regarding fifty percent of its users on the 4.x version which was launched in mid-2012 for the very first time. Incredibly only 1.1 percent of Android customers are on the most up to date launch.

Why it’s a Favorable Sign?

For Users- The swift success of the most recent model of iOS is not useful simply for developers but customers also. For users it provides the cutting-edge functions as well as boosted safety. It undoubtedly improves the user encounter and raise the worth and also safety of Apple devices.

For Developers- When it concerns designers, the perks are rather obvious. They don’t need to establish and maintain several variations to operate on numerous sets of equipment.

It assists in hassle-free development and support. It deserves stating that the typical earnings of iOS designers is 5 times of the Android designers’ average earnings.

Brandi Channon is a Senior iOS Developer & Mobile Manager at ActivityPal.He is Specialties in : iPhone& full stack development, PV manufacturing A-Z (extraction from sand, carbothermic reduction, methodsof purification, crystallization, wafering, cell fabrication, module fabrication, installation, code/certification),energy management, battery science & technology, electric vehicles, chemical synthesis.